Trending Technologies is an educational financial technology company based out of Miami, Florida that focuses on artificial intelligence to auto-trade on the stock market.

Trending Technologies was was founded by Tousant Taylor and Tom John in order to provide the best possible solution for automated trading across the full range of financial instruments, enabling users to auto-trade and automatically mirror the trades of proprietary strategies in their brokerage accounts.

Tousant Taylor is the Co-Founder and CFO at Trending Technologies. Tousant is a retired Florida-based financial planner, well-seasoned, experienced, and an active trader, who has traded for over 20 years. During these years, he has designed and utilized different trading styles and strategies to become well-rounded, self-directed, and a consistently profitable trader. This experience has brought a wealth of knowledge to the architecture of the SmartTrade product line.

Tom John is the Co-Founder and CTO at Trending Technologies. Tom has over 20 years of experience in software system design, development, and implementation of real-time systems. This experience aligns perfectly with stock market trading, where real-time data, analytics, and actionable responses are critical to success. He handles all technical and engineering aspects of the SmartTrade product line.

Their continuous efforts to deliver efficient, high quality products and service to the consumer market are second to none.